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A notary, which is sometimes referred to as a public notary or notary public, acts as an official government witness. When it comes to witnessing signing a document, it’s their job to:

  • Verify the identities of everyone signing.
  • Verify everyone involved is present without being forced, and they are making the choice freely and willingly.
  • Witness the signing of documents.
  • Administer an oath (if it is required by the document) to any or all of the signers.
  • Verify any notary-specific elements of the document are present and accounted for. If there is anything that is incorrect, incomplete, or missing, a notary is expected to complete them.
  • Place their official seal on the document, typically in the form of a stamp, verifying that the notary has done their job.

What Types of Documents Can Be Notarized?

Most documents that are notarized can be broken down into three major types: financial, legal, and business.

Financial Documents

Banks, investment firms, title companies, and other financial institutions require notarization for a wide variety of documents and processes. Financial documents that require notarization can include:

  • Mortgage closing documents
  • Loan documents
  • Property deeds
  • Some types of credit documents
  • Financial statements

Legal Documents

Documents that deal with legal ownership and responsibility are some of the most frequent documents that need to be notarized. These can include:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Advanced directives
  • Executorships
  • Custody and guardianship agreements
  • Power of attorney
  • Court documents

Business Documents

While not every important document that a business uses needs to be, most can be notarized. These documents can include:

  • Articles of incorporation
  • Memorandum of understanding documents
  • Vendor contracts
  • Commercial leases
  • Employment contracts
  • Construction and loan agreements

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Notary Services

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